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Shit I Reblog.


Liking MLP has become a hipster thing. DEAL WITH IT.

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So, um, Art Supply Giveaway!
I went through my closet and found all these things just sitting there and figured there might be someone out there who could use them. Some of them are generics from Michael’s. Some of them ARE gently used (a couple of the pencils mostly).
RULES: 1. Reblog as much as you’d like 2. Likes do not count  3. No giveaway blogs 4. I can ship ONLY in the continental United States 5. You MUST have an open ask box (if I do not hear back from you within 24 hours, I will pick another winner) 6. You don’t need to follow me, but it’d be nice.7. Do not delete this text
Supplies: -9” x 12” Strathmore sketch pad with 50lb. paper -2 small, wrapped cardboard canvases (Michael’s generic) -Pack of 36 colored pencils (Michael’s generic) -Pack of 12 Kimberly water color pencils (deep purple and green have been used once or twice) -Pack of 12 Loew Cornell soft pastels in gray tones (deepest black has been used once) -Derwent graphic sketching pencils with soft graphite (several have been used, 7b is worn down about an inch) -Prismacolor turquoise soft art pencils (none have been sharpened or used) -Prismacolor colored brush tip markers (never used) -Prismacolor fine line markers (used once or twice) -Staedtler triplus fineliners (I think I used the red once or twice)
Giveaway ends October 1st.
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i want this.
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Oh lawd I’ve been having the best sex of my life EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW!

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It’s hot until you realize he’s walking to commit a mass shooting in a high school

what do you mean until
lol it makes it twice as hot
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i hate that im not allowed to say “i love you” to my boyfriend…

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